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The College Advantage

When it comes to exceptional summers, The College Advantage delivers:

  • Unforgettable program locations, campus tours and comfortable accommodations
  • Unmatched college-prep courses and activity options
  • Unbeatable personalized attention from outstanding staff and professional admissions advisers

And remember, The College Advantage prep courses, college visits, admissions workshops, evening and weekend activities, and excursions are always included in your tuition! The College Advantage programs add up to a summer like no other! We’re sure you’ll agree: no other pre-college prep program compares!

When it comes to an exceptional college-prep program, The College Advantage is in a class by itself!



For The College Advantage, the absolute safety of every student is a top priority. Parents have always appreciated our ten-to-one student-to-staff ratio — one of the lowest in the industry — which helps us ensure that every student gets unmatched attention and reassuring supervision. Our luxury residence features a professional front-desk staff on duty 24 hours a day, and The College Advantage staff members live on every student-occupied floor. They also accompany students on all activities and excursions, and they are always equipped with cellphones. And when it comes to travel, we always use private transportation for our weekday activities and weekend adventure trips — never public transportation.


Of course, we start by ensuring that every location, from college-campus residences to weekend adventure destinations, is both safe and secure. And we go several steps further. Thanks to our low student-to-staff ratio, every student is under the supervision of a resident counselor, instructor, or staff chaperone. Whether a student is on campus, exploring a local attraction, or just enjoying leisure time, staff is always nearby.

Students are also required to carry The College Advantage info card, which includes emergency info and essential phone numbers. The College Advantage staff get regular training in emergency response plans. Directors and staff are also CPR certified, and at least one staff member is trained and certified in first aid. Of course, regardless of program or activity location, we are never far from medical facilities, and in the unlikely event that a student might require medical attention, he or she would always be accompanied by The College Advantage staff.


We pride ourselves on selecting top college-enrichment-program staff from leading universities worldwide. Many are even former The College Advantage students! All staff members must be at least 21 years old and have experience working as resident advisers, camp counselors, teachers or tutors. Each staff member has completed a thorough background check, gone through a rigorous personal interview process, and provided us with credible, confirmed references. If they meet those criteria, they must then complete a one-week The College Advantage orientation program. Only then can they make the cut as The College Advantage staffers!


Along with our residential staff, The College Advantage has leadership responsible for the overall success of the program, and the satisfaction of every student and family. These professionals include our program director, assistant director and administrative director. Many have been with us for more than a decade, and they take the lead in ensuring the well-being of every student. We think this creates a continuity of commitment no other summer enrichment program can match. It’s the cornerstone of The College Advantage quality.

What happens when a student is ill?

During the application process, every student must complete the required medical forms. We ask that you and your family doctor detail any recent illnesses, provide a complete vaccination history, and explain the protocols for any nonprescription or prescription medications a student needs. All students must also provide proof of medical insurance. If you are sick, your parents will be notified immediately, and you will be escorted by The College Advantage staff to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

What is the expectation of student behavior?

We want you to get the most out of your summer with The College Advantage! That’s why we require attendance at all academic courses and personalized activities. You must also always report to your resident staffer at check-in time, and no student is allowed to leave his or her residence-hall room after check-in.

We ask every student to treat peers, faculty and staff with courtesy and respect. We also expect students to obey the law. Smoking, drinking and drug use are absolutely against our rules. You can find more information about our policies in the Parent/Student Rules and Agreement form.

What if a student breaks The College Advantage rules?

While this has rarely been an issue with our students, as explained in our Parent/Student Rules and Agreement, breaking the law or any of our rules and policies typically means immediate dismissal. In some circumstances, a student may receive a warning from the director, but any student who has been warned once and breaks the rules again will be sent home immediately. The College Advantage Parent/Student Rules and Agreement will be sent to you for review and signatures with your pre-program kit in the spring. Please Note: If you have any questions about student agreements and rules or any other information in this section, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.


Here’s what sets The College Advantage program apart:

The College Advantage Delivers the Most Personalized and Comprehensive College-Prep Program Anywhere!

Our staff members dedicate themselves to offering the finest in college prep, writing skills, workshops, college advising discussions and individualized college-counseling sessions. Each student actively participates and benefits from The College Advantage prep program that matches his or her specific goals!  

The College Advantage Prep Programs Provide the Comforts and Style You Deserve!

The College Advantage accommodations are renowned for being safe, clean and comfortable. Upscale residences in Chicago are in the heart of a classic college town, and in Boston students are moments away from Boston Common, the State House and, of course, Fenway Park Southern California’s residences command a hill above the breathtaking Westwood Village, and the residence in NYC is scenically situated just blocks from Central Park.

The College Advantage Prep Programs Are in the Best Cities and Locations!

Whether students are enjoying Chicago’s lakeside appeal, the beauty of Southern California’s beaches, the rich history of Boston, or the fast-paced charm of New York, The College Advantage locations offer the perfect combination of cultural diversions, academic resources, reassuring safety — and great summer weather!

The College Advantage Prep Program Offers the Finest Prep Classes and Admissions Advisers!

The College Advantage prep program provides challenging SAT and ACT prep courses taught by engaging college-prep professionals — not merely supervised workshops or coursework. We offer a diverse selection of workshops, college visits, excursions and special events, ensuring that every student has an enlightening summer experience.

The College Advantage Student Population

The College Advantage prep programs attract students from across the country and around the world! We recruit from varied schools coast to coast and overseas, enrolling students who enjoy cultivating diverse friendships and who are committed to personal enrichment and preparing for the admissions process. This builds a dynamic blend of exceptional students who create an unforgettable experience for everyone!

The College Advantage Means Everything Is Included!

Tours to must-see colleges and campuses, specialized meal plans, semi-private sports instruction, SAT and ACT prep courses, admissions discussions and workshops — it’s all part of The College Advantage experience. Plus, students enjoy signature weekday evening and weekend excursions! There are no surprise extras. You get the whole package on The College Advantage programs!

The College Advantage Prep Programs Are Unmatched in Ensuring Student SAFETY!

We never use public transportation. We charter private, air-conditioned coaches or hire vehicles for every trip, whether it’s a visit to a college campus or an evening trip to an activity across town. Our directors and resident counselors are assigned to all student activities and meals, live on the same residence hall floors as our students, and are accessible 24/7 to both students and parents.

What Really Makes The College Advantage Prep Programs the Very Best?

Quite simply, our people, our faculty, our admissions experts and our students. The College Advantage programs stand alone, because our staff creates an atmosphere that provides students with the resources, guidance and attention they deserve. That’s why we provide one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios of any pre-college prep program in the industry!

Don’t settle for a typical college-admissions prep program!

Make it amazing with the ultimate pre-college prep program. Make it The College Advantage!


“I had truly the most amazing summer I could ever imagine. I met strangers that I now can call my best friends. I wish I could relive my summer all over again because it’s one I will never forget!”
Sydney S. / Florida
“I had the experience of a lifetime last summer. It was a time I will cherish for the rest of my life!”
Darren S. / New Jersey
“My summer with you was a surreal experience. The bonds I’ve formed with my friends on the program will always follow me. I would NOT trade these experiences for anything.”
Jake K. / New Jersey
“I didn’t know what to expect this summer, but after a few weeks and countless memories, I can say I had the best summer of my life BY FAR.”
Will C. / Maryland
“Spending my summer on your program was amazing. I made so many friends that I still see during the school year. The counselors and became my friends while they made the daily activities and excursions so much fun. It was the best summer of my life!”
Max S. / New York
“When I was returning home from my program, I begged for one more week! I had the most incredible summer of my life. The friendships, experiences, and memories I made will last me a lifetime!”
Jamie S. / New York
“I had one of the most amazing summers I have ever had. The counselors were so caring and the friends I made will last forever! I highly recommend going on a program like this, you will not regret it! Thank you for making this an amazing summer!”
Morgan B. / New York
“I had truly the most amazing summer I could ever imagine. I met strangers that I now can call my best friends. I wish I could relive my summer all over again, because it’s one I will never forget!”
Sydney S. / Florida
“The month I spent on my program was the best month of my entire life. I loved everything about this trip!”
Ryan R. / New York


“It is our pleasure to send you our enthusiastic endorsement of your summer program. We sent you two very different kids two summers apart and they each had an incredible time. We couldn’t be more thrilled with your program, the fantastic summers our kids had, and the lifelong friendships they made!”
Debbie and Gregg G. / New Jersey
“Thank you for another wonderful summer. The staff provided the perfect blend of structure and supervision which allowed Austin to feel independent and comfortable. We are so glad we choose your program for both our sons. They recommend their trip to everyone!!!”
Stefanie and Roger R. / New York
“Kyle came home from your program a more mature, confident young man. He says, “this was the best summer of his life!” The program was organized, structured and interesting on many levels! The group leaders couldn’t have been nicer and more prepared for this amazing group of kids. The influence of the classes, instructors and friendships have certainly shaped Kyle during an important time in his life. Thank you for all that you did for Kyle.”
Linda and Paul J. / New York
“Russ had a GREAT summer, thanks to all the caring, fun, VERY pleasant, VERY responsible and sweet staff!!!! You guys are TRULY the BEST!”
Roberta and Jeff G. / New York
“Thank you and your staff for an amazing summer. Everything was so well-organized and planned out. I know we made the right choice in sending Ethan on your program. He truly had such a wonderful time!!! I could practically see him smiling in every phone call and text. We can’t wait to see him and hear more about the terrific experiences he enjoyed and the new friends he made. We really appreciate all you and your team did to ensure that this was a safe, rewarding and fun program.”
Stacey U. / New York
“Clémence was thrilled by her summer experience! Thank you for making a difference in my daughter’s life, and for caring so much about her well being.”
Cecile P. / France
“Phoebe had a wonderful trip and I wanted to let you know what a terrific job you and your staff did. Thanks for providing Phoebe with the summer of her life. She was literally in heaven.”
Laura Y. / New Jersey
“I would like to say thank you very much. Clearly, this was a great experience for Federico, who won’t ever forget it. Thanks very much for treating my son so well and letting him spend some marvelous days. That’s why for us it was not easy to let him go alone to the U.S, but it was well worth it!”
Marcelo B. / Uruguay
“Thanks for giving Brian and Daniel the opportunity of a lifetime. Your program is one the most well rounded programs we have seen. They enjoyed the classes, loved the weekend trips and met some amazing kids from all over the country. We recommend your program to all of our friends! You guys get an A+!”
Andrea and Jim O. / Florida
“My wife and I would like to thank you for two wonderful summers! Not only did our son have the time of his life, he met some great people from all of over the world and learned a great deal from his classes and very supervised activities. You are to be commended!”
Arnie and Deborah F. / Illinois
“We want you to know how much Adam enjoyed his summer on your program. He enjoyed the courses and all of the activities you provided. He also met a wonderful group of young people. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience in such an organized fashion!”
Susan and Richard R. / Connecticut
“We were a bit apprehensive at the start, as Michelle embarked on her summer without knowing anyone on your program. She fell in love with the city, improved in her area of focus, made new friends and had her best summer ever! She loved the staff and can’t wait to go back for another amazing summer. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to have an experience of a lifetime!”
Lisa S. / Pennsylvania