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Q: How much money will my daughter need as a spending allowance?
A: Most students spend between $100 and $150 per week on souvenirs, snacks, laundry and personal items. (Allowance should be based on individual spending habits.)

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img_0745Q: How do I know my son won’t spend all of his money the first week? How can I get money to him when he
needs it and not before?
A: We recommend that families provide their students with an ATM card, so that they can control how much money their student has access to throughout the summer.

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Q: What if my daughter gets lost at the airport?
A: We meet every student at The College Advantage-selected airports upon arrival. All she has to do is look for The College Advantage staff shirts and signs.

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istock_000076017183_xxxlargeQ: We have a hard enough time getting our son to call when he is at a friend’s house. How can we keep in touch with him throughout the summer?
A: Not to worry! Students have access to computers and email throughout their stay, whether in LA, Boston, Chicago or NYC.

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Q: What happens in case of a medical emergency?
A: The College Advantage students are always within minutes of world-class medical services should an unlikely emergency occur. In the case of any accident or illness, The College Advantage staff members accompany students to appropriate medical facilities and immediately notify parents or guardians.

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Q: I’m not sure if my son even knows what a washing machine looks like. How will he get his laundry done?
A: This might provide a tremendous learning opportunity, as students will be doing their own laundry using the residence-hall washers and dryers – as they’ll have to when actually at college. If the idea is just too far beyond his comprehension, laundry service is available on select programs for an extra charge.

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Q: How do I know my daughter will be safe at The College Advantage?
A: All College Advantage students stay at coed facilities staffed with 24-hour security. Each locale has been selected for its high safety standards. Students are chaperoned by The College Advantage staff members throughout their stay. Additionally, our safety policy also requires students to travel in pairs or groups.

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