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The College Advantage

We specialize in pre college programs that better prepare young minds for the challenges of the college-admissions process. The College Advantage engagements are dedicated to preparing you to excel with either your SAT or ACT exam, your college essay, your personal statement and your college interview, along with workshops and various college visits, all designed to prepare you for the overall admissions experience. Engaging with us benefits not only the student but allows parents to rest easy knowing their student will return home better-qualified and less overwhelmed about the college-admissions process, thanks to The College Advantage prep program and our quality team of admissions professionals.

The College Advantage prepares our students for a successful high-school-to-college transition. With nearly 25 years of developing and running the finest pre college programs, including ivy prep, our students depart better-prepared for their transition to college and excited and ready to make the most of their collegiate experience.

Prepare for the Future


Our pre college programs have been engineered from the ground up to better prepare students for the rigors of today’s college-admissions processes. Students get informative admissions workshops, proven SAT and ACT preparation, instruction in more-effective essay writing, and personalized counseling that helps identify what they want from a successful college career.

Within two weeks, students will have polished their interview skills, clarified a strong application approach, and developed their critical ability to tackle college admissions with genuine self-confidence.

The College Advantage Experience

Students who join our one-of-a-kind pre college programs develop essential skills that put them ahead of the admissions process. Our pre college programs are designed to broaden your academic and personal horizons, and we go above and beyond to develop all of our opportunities for a diverse student population. We have been offering the finest, most comprehensive, well-rounded ivy prep and pre college programs for nearly 25 years.

Why Join The College Advantage?


D — Determine Your Collegiate Goals

R — Revise and Perfect Your Personal Statement

I — Introduce You to New Colleges and Experiences

V — Vocalize Your Accomplishments for Your College Interview

E — Explore the College of Your Dreams on Our College Visits

Top 10 Reasons Students and Parents Select The College Advantage:

  • Students have the opportunity to focus on ACT and SAT preparation without the pressures of other academic stress, sports and activities.
  • Personal Statement Workshops are not an afterthought but a significant part of the daily schedule. Students receive one-on-one guidance and instruction from our top writing professionals.
  • The professional bonds made on a residential engagement, between faculty and students, facilitate a close-knit community unlike traditional school.
  • Students make new friends from across the U.S. and around the world — allowing for a broader sense of the world around them!
  • With the guidance of college counselors and staff, students visit and tour top universities, meet college students, and ask admissions representatives questions about life on campus!
  • Students learn to prepare for an interview with admissions officers.
  • Student-to-instructor ratios are small: ten-to-one in writing classes and no more than twenty-to-one in other workshops, along with one-on-one admissions discussions.
  • Upon completion of The College Advantage prep program, students leave with an in-depth personalized college-admissions outline, practice tests, a real college essay, a list of target schools and a clear vision of how to pursue the college selections of their dreams.
  • Around the Town and Beyond — It’s time to have fun and explore the locations of these amazing experiences. Our students enjoy excursions to landmarks, beaches,  amusement parks, sporting events and more!
  • The College Advantage offers the finest in pre-college prep balanced with the excitement and enjoyment of excursions and activities.