Discover your dream school while exploring Chicago and all it has to offer on The College Advantage BIG 10 Program.

Welcome to The College Advantage — Your Answer for the Complete College Admissions Process

Aiming for that perfect score and acceptance into your dream school? The College Advantage prep program offers you a college-counseling and test-prep intensive that helps you become fully prepared for the college-admissions process. Work one-on-one with college-counseling and test-prep professionals to tackle an SAT, ACT or TOEFL prep course; polish your personal statement; complete the college-selection process; and improve your writing skills during comprehensive writing classes focused on college essays. You’ll even get to visit select universities.

The College Advantage Big Ten program has professionally designed courses, workshops, college visits and sight-seeing opportunities. Each student will participate in daily SAT, ACT or TOEFL prep and essay-writing classes, which are complemented by engaging college-admissions workshops, one-on-one college counseling, and eye-opening visits to local universities and colleges.

Achieving Your Goals and Designing Your Plan

Each College Advantage student and family will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about the student’s and family’s goals and expectations regarding college. Our experienced college advisers and counselors will work with the information provided by each individual family to assist in tailoring an admissions plan uniquely designed to focus on the student’s future dreams and goals.

Focusing and Staying Calm

When a student participates in our uniquely designed The College Advantage Big Ten program, he or she experiences the support of carefully selected professionals and gains the tools and information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the college-admissions process. The College Advantage students receive special insight into the college-admissions process and participate in enlightening workshops and discussions that focus on their individual needs and goals. This program will allow students and families to reduce the anxiety and stress of the admissions process.

“I absolutely LOVED my summer with The College Advantage! The activities, classes and staff were awesome, and I made friends that will last a lifetime!”

Jen S. / Florida

Achieving Confidence and Success

Every student who completes The College Advantage Big Ten program will leave better-prepared, through confidence and knowledge, to tackle and complete the college-admissions process.

Students will return home from The College Advantage programs with the following:

  • Improved SAT,  ACT or TOEFL results with continued support and additional prep from Kaplan Test Prep in your local community
  • A perfectly polished personal statement
  • A resume highlighting your strengths and experiences
  • Tips and info to ace those admissions interviews
  • A thoughtfully selected list of colleges and universities to apply to, based on realistic academic options as well as student and family objectives
  • A comprehensive admissions schedule/calendar with application deadlines
  • Preparation for the TOTAL ADMISSIONS PROCESS with the highest level of confidence