Each day, The College Advantage students will start with SAT, ACT or TOEFL Kaplan Test Prep classes. Eighteen hours of instruction provides comprehensive SAT, ACT or TOEFL preparation. Three full diagnostic SAT, ACT or TOEFL tests will be administered and scored. Students will  receive invaluable performance feedback on all live tests. All The College Advantage students also get an online  Kaplan Test Prep account, which allows them to view results and continue practicing for the fall SAT,  ACT or TOEFL even after returning home!

Targeted Prep To Help You Can Get Into Your Preferred Colleges

The College Advantage wants to make sure our students are getting a leg up in college entrance exams, which is why we’ve partnered with the world leader in test preparation services, Kaplan Test Prep. The renowned Kaplan SAT, ACT and TOEFL prep courses are designed to help students become as prepared as possible for each exam. Together, Kaplan and The College Advantage faculty take a comprehensive approach to each test, with practice exams, scoring information, customized lesson recommendations, and on-site instructor support. Students can be assured that we provide the most current content and testing standards. Plus, our students will receive a personalized online Kaplan account that allows them to prepare for the Fall tests even after returning home.

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan will help our students prep smarter and score higher. Their unique SmartPoints™ system helps students master the most tested SAT and ACT skills, which translate to more points on test day. Each student will receive a lesson book, digital flash cards and up to 16 full-length practice tests, four of which are proctored with a Kaplan proctor. Each student will also receive a computer-generated report after each practice test that provides a detailed performance analysis by skill and percentile. 

Our goal is for every The College Advantage student to be ready for test days ahead full of the confidence only realistic practice and familiarity can afford. That’s the commitment The College Advantage offers each student.

Please note : 95% of Kaplan students got into one or more of their top choice colleges in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

“I am incredibly grateful for being able to experience the college lifestyle on my College Advantage program. Not only did I get to attend classes around campus, I was able to eat at the local restuarants and go to the university gym. I really felt like a college student. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Virginia L. / Illinois

Kaplan Test Prep Guarantee

Kaplan’s SAT and ACT programs offer readiness, confidence and higher score guarantee for those students who follow the program requirements. (Open to residents of the United States and Canada for HSG eligible programs only).

If a student feels that he or she is not yet ready to take the exam after completing his or her College Advantage program, he or she is eligible to repeat the full SAT (or ACT) Classroom Course again in their hometown for no additional fee. No matter how many points you might improve, if you’re not satisfied and want an even better score, you can study again for free! And if for any reason, a student does not score higher than his or her initial baseline score, he or she can study with Kaplan again for free or get your money back. In order to be eligible for the higher score guarantee, students must attend all scheduled classes (only two online make-ups are permitted), complete all homework and take all practice tests.

The College Advantage is proud to be working with Kaplan to offer students this invaluable prep course, as you prepare for one of the most important exams and stages in life.


Admissions professionals use TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language) to determine the proficiency of non-native English speakers enrolling in American colleges and universities. If English is not the student’s first language, a TOEFL course can better prepare he or she for this critical test. Each student will receive intensive instruction, smart test strategies, and plenty of verbal and written practice to help achieve desired scores. A full-length TOEFL diagnostic exam is included in The College Advantage program.